Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finley's Playlist

Single Ladies--Beyonce
Miss Indrpendent--Ne-yo
One Step at a Time--Jordan Sparks
No Air--Jordan Sparks w/ Chris Brown
Tattoo--Jordan Sparks
Just Dance--Lady Gaga
Dangerous--Kardinal Ofishall
Forever--Chris Brown

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today was. . .

Today was an absolute blessing. I've been feeling quite overwhelmed the past two weeks. I thought school would get out and I would be able to get everything done. I could wrap presents, decorate the house, finish Finley's nursery, make a dent in thank you notes . . . I may have gotten two of those things half-way done. I've pretty much felt like a failure. Until today I haven't been able to figure out why I couldn't manage my life all of a sudden. Then Beebe came to me, with her tough but sweet spirit, and told me that I needed stop trying to be in control, to basically let go and let God. I knew I needed to do this, but felt like I was asking too much of family and friends. I have four more months of nursing school. Are they going to feel burned out or what? Mom, dad and Jarrett have reassured me this is what they're here for. I'm finally accepting their offer. It's just hard not to do it all my self, but doing it all my self is what the world expects not my Heavenly Father. I think I'm going to get the hang of it. It will be interesting to see what else God has to teach me. I just have to stay positive and be like Heidi Klum, an eternal optimist! I saw her E! THS this morning. She had tough times and kept pushing forward--gotta do the same. Sorry for the Hollywood analogy :) E! is my escape. Oh--and All My Children.
Here are some Christmas pictures. They're overdue!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Didn't work out . . .

Ok, so The Twelve Days of Finley was a neat idea, but on day eight our true love gave to us: colick. It's been a challenge, but Dr. Aljabi and The Happiest Baby on the Block have been lifesavers, grandparents too. I think Jarrett and I have it somewhat figured out or at least we're learning how to handle our poor baby girl's cries. It's all about making her think she's still in the womb. And parents, be careful whose advice you take to heart. . .in the fourth trimester you don't have to let your baby cry. This is my advice to the world--HOLLA.
Jarrett and I working on new pictures. There have been lots over the past few days. They'll be up soon!
Oh yeah-- best Christmas treat ever--Olivia and Finley finally got to meet!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Day Six & Seven

I'm not doing well with the every day thing. . . sorry 'bout that :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Proud of my girl!

Not the one you all are thinking of, but I am so proud of Finley. I'm so proud of my girl Sarah Robbins! Tomorrow is her last day at The Henry County Chamber of Commerce as Tourism Director (not sure if I have the title quite right, but she's all over promoting their tourism). For those of you who don't know, Henry County is the fast growing area in the state of Georgia. My girl has been in charge of some serious tourism. She took on the job about five years ago and has taken their tourism to the next level. I always love hearing about her projects and seeing her on the cover of magazines :) Tomorrow is her last day because she ties the knot with John Scott Husser on January 24th. Her new residence is my old one. . . downtown Rome, GA. I'm sure she'll make Rome her own too!
Sarah was the friend my mom prayed for when I moved to Athens. She has been such a blessing for so long now. I don't know what I'd do without her. Sarah lets me ventilate and keeps me up to date with the latest ATL news/trends. I just love her and can't wait to see what her (and JSH) future holds!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It all started four years ago

Tomorrow is my and Jarrett's four year wedding annivesary. I can't believe it's been four years. It's been such an awesome trip so far. . .I can't wait for the next four. Who knows, maybe there will be four more bambinos! We didn't expect to have precious Finley at this point. You never know what God has in store. I could never imagined or dreamed someone as perfect and special as Jarrett is to me. And to think about all those nights I just knew I was destined for singlehood. God is so good.

Bathing the Baby Girl

Finley experienced her first ever bath tonight and it was a success. We are finding that her hair can sort of resemble her daddy's. By the way, my nurse student wife, wouldn't let us bath for a while because we didn't want to disturb the acid mantle of her skin, whatever that is...

Day Five

It was almost a sleepless night, but Finley settled in to sleep around 2a.m. After that she slept until 4:30!!! Yea! She is kind of sleeping through the night. We're hoping for our third night of five hours straight. Dr. Aljabi wonders if she has a touch of collic. Daddy J is battling the drugstore madness at the moment. We're getting drops of the tummy. I'm aching for him to get home because there is a package from Melanie and Mimi on the doorstep!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day Four

We're still struggling with a schedule... we've got the eating thing down--every three hours. It's the time in between that's not falling into place. Any ideas, other than Baby Wise--terrible experience with that philosophy yesterday.

The Synergist Shot is Approved!!!!

We found out today that our insurance has approved six RSV vaccine shots for Finley!!!! Yes! Initially they were denied, but after review--we had to let them know that I work in healthcare (had an RSV encounter last week) and that in January Finley will be spending more time with her two cousins (she can't wait). God is so good!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

5lbs and Running

Finley visited Dr. Al Jabi today and had some GREAT NEWS! She now weighs 5lbs 4oz. Daddy J and BeBe made the trip as Moma C Ta had clinical at the hospital. Courtney is almost done w/ school for this semester and has one more day of clinical left. She has been vigilant in her studies and so deserves the time off. The family is excited about getting to spend quality time together. I am sure Moma C Ta will post new pics of the next couple of weeks are she and Finley has some quality "Gurl Time."

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Real quick

Finley is at the corrected age of one week old and she is truly acting like a term infant. The lungs are in full force! She slept about an hour last night, seriously. Jarrett didn't got to bed until 4 a.m. My final is Monday and he was precious to cover the morning shifts. We were both up at two trying to figure out why baby girl was so upset. The fam has several theories, but I think she wants back in the tummy! I've told her the food is better out here, just give it about six months. I hope she takes my advice and decides to sleep tonight. Poor Mom is staying with us so I doubley-hope she sleeps. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Just Another Manic Monday"

I love beltin' out this tune with Suzanne Vaga, but yesterday when I learned what a Manic Monday truly is. . . well, this song got dumped from the playlist. Let me explain.
The morning was going so well. I had pumped twice, Finley was eating and I felt ready for my test. Then I looked at the course calendar (the third revision). Mom could leave early today because class was out at four. . . because class started at 11:45.. .it was 12:45. I had missed the test!!!!! I didn't know if I would be allowed to make it up or what. If any of you are familiar with the nursing school instructors you know what I'm talking about. They are as hard core as any weight trainer at FLETC. With all of the arrangements they've made since Finley's birth I thought this would be the straw that broke the camel's back.
Thank goodness for dear Hailey Bailey. She calmed my nerves and sent me to Miss Liz (our first semester clinical instructor)who can turn almost any situation into a positive. To make a long story short, I take the test on Friday and they will take five points off of my composite test score. So much for that A or B I was hoping for. . . maybe I can still pull out a B. I'm not too worried though. I think I made an A in babymakin'! Just kidding.
Any way that was just the test. My entire household (that includes mom these days) is in the middle of makeup madness. I have three more days of clinical next week after the final. I should be doing eight hour shifts, but for some reason they're making me do twelve hour shifts. Thank goodness mom has lived with a nurse for over 35 years. She seems to understand the craziness. Jarrett just wants me to be through for a while. He says no more babies during school!
Thanks to dear friends at school I'm making it through. God has placed incredible nurses-to-be in my life. . .they know all about some therapeutic communication!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Few Turkey Day Pictures!

Today has been quite eventful. Finley has slept about an hour and a half since 4:30. We wanted to get a few pictures up for our precious family in Rome. We miss so much! Love you all lots!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It should be happening tomorrow

It's so wild to think that about two months ago we talked with Dr. Strickland about having Finley, then Baby B, tomorrow. I'm so glad she's already here! Nursing school madness has escalated since Finley was born and I can't imagine giving birth during this end of the semester madness. We only have two more official days of class and our instructors are laying it on thick. This doesn't include group projects and vision screening. I'm thankful we have time at home this Thanksgiving instead of traveling. We have a test Monday--can you believe it? I'm still taking time out for Black Friday though! It just wouldn't be American and what kind of example would I be setting for Finley:)? JuJu and Beebe wouldn't allow it. . .and I can't even imagine what Sonal say? Speaking of, I have to get a picture up of her first pair of shoes. Sarah sent them. . .they're precious!
I think I've rambled, so sorry. I've been reading-up on the endocrine system--highly entertaining. I better finish for tomorrow's class.
By the way--I am bathing. I look really greasy in the picture below, but I just got through walking:) Precious Daddy J didn't think I was getting enough face time. He deserves all the face time right now though. . .my school has forced him into the role of Mr. Mom. He's all about changing diapers. I've told him he's so bowel fixated that he should think about nursing! Just kidding.

Updated Pics of Finley

The Bridges Family has been hiding out. It's time to get some updated pics of Finley out there. She is doing great (weighing 4lbs 8oz) and is weighing in tomorrow at Dr. Al Jabi's. We have had a blast hanging out with her at the house. She will probably not be able to go out until 2009, so this special time has allowed Court and I to really bond w/ Finley. She is truly amazing and so is my Baby's Mama!!!!! Court is such a great Moma C Ta and you can tell Finley adores her!

Daddy J

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Full of Action

It was a weekend full of action at the Bridges Household. First of all, I (daddy J) kept Finley all by myself Friday. I was in a cycle during the day...wake Finley up, feed her, change her diaper, put her back down, and process started again. We had some quality time watching Sports Center and the Foodnetwork. The day flew by and Court was home before we knew it. It was great to have Court home, but I wish the day had passed a little slower.

Saturday, JuJu and Papa D came for a visit. It was so awesome to see my parents holding and spending time with Finley. I can't believe they're grandparents--oh yeah, that means I'm a parent. We had a great day hanging out and watching football. The girls (minus Finley) were able to get a dose of shopping/errands in. Did I mention I'm in trouble when Finley and Court can go on shopping trips? Does anyone need any insurance????

Finley continues to grow and Court is such a wonderful mom. She handles Finley in a way that makes me so proud! Proud she is my wife, proud she is a mother, and proud she is my best friend.

Next up: Weighing in at Dr. Aljabi's on Wednesday. We want 5lbs!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gotta leave my baby girl?

I can't believe it's here already. I knew I had to finish clinicals for the semester and had even planned on going back last week, but tonight as I think about leaving Finley for a whole eight hours it makes my heart hurt. I know she's going to be more than taken care of, but still. . .
So, tomorrow a.m. I'm back on the floor. I have PCCU clinicals with Mrs. Denton. I hope my brain will be rested enough. I'm hoping for an elderly patient too--maybe they won't mind if I move a little slower. I've got to get my head around med-surg too. It's been a while since I've worked with really sick folks. PEDS and OB have been pretty moderate as far as sickness, not a lot of infectious stuff.
I'm going to add new pictures later too. Beebe snapped a few this afternoon. She wanted to show off her growing grandbaby. Finley is up to 4lb 4oz and she has grown an inch. Her friend Charlie isn't far behind. Charlie is up to 4lb and she's grown 1/4 of an inch. Our girls are truckin' along and will meet the rest of the pack soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting in a Routine

The past week has been so much fun having Finley home. The reality that Court and I parents still hasn't set-in yet. Time is flying by. We have been home for over a week. Finley is 2 wks old tomorrow. We're working on a routine. Court takes care of the 2:30am & 8:30am shifts and I work the 11:30pm & 5:30am shifts.

We (parents) are adjusting to her (Finley) sleeping habits which can be described as pretty inconsistent at this point. We're all about "late night" at 140 Cypress Run. I have discovered a few very interesting TV shows on during 2am to 4am. I was half asleep last night and found myself cramming a brownine down my throat during as I fed Finley. Guess I am on the three hour plan too. I can't wait to see the pay-off for Finley, not so much for her daddy. We have an "official" weigh-in tomorrow morning. We're hoping to bust 4lbs 5 oz. It will be Finley's third trip out of the house. We'll keep you posted on her progress....

We have had numerous visitors too. Dr. Strickland, who delivered Finley, (in the pic above)came by tonight. Finley was so excited. Court had to get a picture with the person who touched Finley first. Doc is also the one who took such good care of Court too. We are truly blessed w/ great friends through our Church.

We've had visitors bring lots of awesome food too(food that Court doesn't always have time to prepare). . . that's a whole new blog though. I'll get back to you on the lasagna, soups, homemade bread, brownies, cookies . . .

Just so y'all know I contributed to this blog too :) That'swhy it may sound girly. Court

Friday, November 7, 2008

Buddy Charlie

Finley's friend Charlie has moved out of the isolet and is up to 3lb 10oz!!! We're so excited!!!!! Keep those prayers coming for her too. Let's keep these girls growing like weeds!

Packing on the pounds!

We visited Dr. Aljabi for the second time today and at weight Finley was 4lbs!!! She's moving on up. We're hoping for five pounds by this Friday. I think she can do it. She's been guzzling milk every three hours, unless she's asleep. Shut-eye feedings take a bit longer.
Let's see. . .what else has been going on. Daddy J is loving being a dad. He can turn any hip hop song into a ballad about Finley. It's a riot! Finley loves it. She'll probably grow up to be an MC :)
Mom has been SUCH an incredible help too. If it weren't for her our house would look like a hurricane hit. She's got the bottle cleaning, laundry and so many other things organized and systematized--wow.
I'm a little worn at the moment. My writing could get boring. . .I'll write more later. I've got to write about Hispanic childbearing practices too. School is still happening! My professors are going to present a plan for finishing clinical on Monday. I'm leaving it to the Lord. I think I'll be able to graduate with my girls. Speaking of, they have all been angels. Hailey Bailey has printed and printed for me and been a chauffeur. Finely's birth has revealed to Jarrett and me how truly blessed we are to have such kind, loyal friends.
Okay, so I really better go. Check out the new pics!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting Ready For 1st Doc Visit

Finley has her first doctor appointment tomorrow with Dr. Al Jabi. We are looking forward to weighing her and seeing if she has gained any oz's. Courtney and BeBe worked extremely hard today getting our house in order. It was awesome to come home from work and have the house in order. We are also enjoying putting clothes on Finley. Her wardrobe is growing daily. Tonight, our neighbors, Bonnie and Coop dropped by a gift of some premie clothes that were great. Our neighbors will soon see a little girl running through our yard...can't wait.

I have attached some pictures of our trip home and some shots of Finley sporting some new outfits. Court is shopping for her some pink high heels. Man... I am in trouble.

Finley's Home

Finley and family were released yesterday at 5pm. Court and I are so excited to be able to move out of the hospital and sleep in our own bed. Finley is doing great and slept well last night. She has a doctors appt. on Wednesday and Friday and I think this will be the norm for the next month.

The big breakthrough yesterday was that she was finally able to put clothes on. Court dressed her up for her trip into the world. I'm sure she'll post some pictures later today. I am so proud of my two ladies. They are amazing!!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finley's Moved In Our Room

Another day of accomplishments as she has been in our room since 9am. I had to travel to Nana's funeral which was in Lakeland today, so Court was by herself. I guess I haven't really dealt w/ Nana's passing until today with all that went on this past week. My Grandmother had a huge impact in my life and was so excited about the birth of Finley. She passed away 12 minutes after Court and I checked into the hospital on Tuesday of last week. It is as if she wanted to make sure we started our new journey before she left this world. One amazing spirit leaves this world for heaven and a new beginning started here on earth.

Court is doing so well as a mother. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her take care of Finley and love on her. Finley is chilling right by our side and we had to remove her GA gear after the bad game today. Let's just say Finley slept during most of the game, she seemed to be bored with the way UGA played. She wasn't the only one.

We are getting some rest tonight as we expect a lot of visitors tomorrow. Some pics of the day are above.

Daddy J

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween at the Hospital

Halloween has been experienced at the hospital. First of all Finley's friend, Charlie gave her a pumpkin hat stitched by her grandma. Second, we had some surprise trick or treaters-Eli and Sam.

Finley has a a good day so far and has passed her tests today with flying colors. She was able to take milk from Court and also from the bottle. Praise God! This will allow her to start putting on some LB'S which will help us get her home. Dr. Al Jabi said that Finley will actually decide on when we can go home. If she continues to grow stronger and eat well, we may be home by Monday.

Halloween Treats

Finley had her first taste of food, "treats", today! She took 11cc of colostrum. It looked like some rich stuff. . .I guess it was all of my frozen yogurt or maybe grilled chicken? That has been momma C's diet for a while now. Whatever it was she devoured it. The first 5cc were gone in seconds! We're going back for round two at 1:30.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is more than I imagined

I never imagined feeling so much love and joy in my heart. The past two days have been amazing for me. I don't mean that in a selfish way. I say it out of thanksgiving. I have been overwhelmed by the love God has shown me and my family through others. It all began Wednesday morning in the OR as we preppred for my C-Section. ALL of the staff in the OR that morning was so kind. I was so afraid, but God comforted me through them. I didn't expect to have that much fear. Thankfully Dr. Strickland, Heather Mitchell, Corbitt, Vickie and several others were there to be used as angels to help me through. And I hope I'm not blowing his cover, Dr. Strickland is a big joker, but don't let that fool ya! I truly believe that God sent him to give me peace. I'll never forget him helping me through the spinal and bringing me warm blankets.
After all the prep I look over and there is my "Precious J-Rat". He looked so "McDreamy"! The blue scrubs, face mask and cap set off those handsome blue eyes. We were all there ready for Baby B.
Now two days have passed and I still feel overwhelmed. I never imagined that I could love a child so much or love my husband more. They are both such precious gifts.

Holding It Together

Tonight was a time when Court and I could both hold Finley. She has been off the oxygen treatments since 5pm and holding her own. It is amazing to be holding her thinking she is just two days old. I can't believe her sweet face, small hands, and little feet.

Our next goal will be for her to feed without the IV. She has been on an IV since she entered the world and we should start to feed her sometime around lunch. The main task will be if she can suck, swallow, and breathe at the same time. Updated Pics above.

Daddy J

Finley's Progress Notes

Finley had another milestone last night as she had her first BM. Court was still confined to a wheel chair so I proceeded to change the dirty diaper. It was a fun experience as I probably spread more stuff than over her bottom than she wanted.

Also, she is progressing and getting stronger each day. She has started a pacifier today and doing well. She should be off her oxygen treatments today at 4pm. Below are some updated pics

OH YEAH! Moma C Ta (Court) is doing awesome too. She has been able to spend some quality time with Finley and she already has that special touch that mother's have. Finley just calms down and is so comforted when Court touches her. I am so proud of Court and feel so lucky w/ these two beautiful women. Totally Blessed!!!