Friday, August 27, 2010

All in Nine Months Work

The Bridges are on the countdown to Baby Holt #2's Arrival! It feels like Amanda's pregnancy has flown by. . .crazy thing is she thinks so too! I think it's our life as moms' of two year-olds. Our girls make time tick faster. During the last nine months Livie and Finley have been to Disney World, taken their first round of swim lessons and enrolled in play school. Livie alone has been a flower girl, trained the potty :) and moved into her big girl room. And there are so many other things that have escaped my mind. Oh, Livie has been tubing too! This doesn't include all that Amanda has been up to: Photo shoots, marketing, Chapel stuff, etc. Livie and her are quite the dynamic duo! (We know Jarrod keeps his motor running too--can't leave dad out!)
I'm personally excited about Amanda being so close to delivery because I get a pedicure tomorrow, the first one since we were prepping for Livie! Lots to do in the next ten days. Be on the look out for pics and posts. Aunt C has got lots to do for Baby Holt #2!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thoughts from the last 48

I have been pretty much confined to the walls of 140 Cypress Run the past two days. Wow. The coral walls get to you fast, thank goodness they're not yellow. Finley is experiencing her first-ever ear infection. Bless her heart, she's pitiful. We've been up together for a couple of hours during the night. She'll sleep with me on the sofa for about an hour and then my busty-self is just too much cushion for her(ha, ha). Another thank goodness that she loves her bed.
Her infection has sparked my enthusiasm for meticulous hygiene and the need to up-the-anty as cold and flu season approach. Jarrett is tired of me asking him to wash his hands and I'm sure Jack and Fergie do not appreciate me shooing Finley from them (you know cats and dogs harbor strep and there is much more to strep infections than the throat--just an FYI).
I'm starting to work on the gal's BDay plans too. Nothing big this year, but still a theme, probably Dora the Explorer. After all of the Dora we've watched since Finley's been sick I should be able to recreate Dora's likeness as a cake in "Cake Boss" fashion. We'll see. Of course I've already recruited Mom and Whit (my two little Marthas) for help.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Toddlerhood Has Hit Cypress Run

These days Finley loves everything: my sunglasses, Jarrett's shoes, her cousin's race cars, Livie's late night parties, Beebe's new "puh-pay", "DoRA", calling Big Daddy "Miiiike", belly-flopping on Jack, turning on water faucets, throwing dinner and begging for popsicles, swinging from the highchair, going stiff as a board when it's time to sit in the shopping cart, begging for treats in the dollar section at Target, running around the house in her hooded towel, coloring, moving to two-year-olds in Sunday School, giving hugs, showering rather than bathing, anything Chic-fil-A, books before bedtime (she actually sits still for them), sleep sacs and pacifiers (yep, still), Sprite at dinner out, brushing her teeth, Usher & Jason DeRulo, cruising in the Cozy Coupe, swimming with Bella, Charlie and Livie. . .and I'm sure there's more, but we'll save that for the next post :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The newest babe to spoil!

I'm so in love with Sonal and Russ's new bundle of joy! I had to share. Mira Rose Cochran--whatta doll!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not my backdrop of choice

So this isn't my backdrop of choice, a little too predictable, but it works. The other I picked out looked discombobulated. It had a much hipper name too, "Alice In Wonderland". Oh well, we'll take "Claire".
Finley got her first pair of shoes for spring today--check 'em out! Daddy J was so excited he didn't even take time to get the girl's socks off. And we definitely know spring has sprung because Jarrett's at softball practice. Let the games begin!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm trying

Ok, this customizing my blog thing is way over my head. I consider myself good with computers, but not after this experience. Jeez. How in the world can I get my post to shift to the left and why aren't things "saving" when I "save" them. This is going to require lots more help that Whit anticipated. Bless her heart, she thought I could do it. It's good to know she believes in her big sis'. For now what you see is what you get, unfortunately. I'm going to work on it when I can and get help from Whit when she can (she is the mother of three now, may be a while).
So, what's been going on? Well, Finley is on the move 24-7. I am not giving you a line. Everyone at church and several folks around town have commented on how she never sits still. How could she? There's a whole new world out there. I love it. I've got a few pictures from her first day at the beach this year. She was not diggig the sand bewteen her toes. We'll work on it!
I would like to go in more detail, but tomorrow is Dr. Strickland's first day back in over a week and it's Monday. It's going to be craZ! I've got to get the latest deets on our wonderful politicians' new healthcare legislation too. It's got me worried.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Don't give up on me yet!

I haven't been able to change much on the blog, actually I've changed nada, but I have been researching new templates! I think I need help from the little sis' and her man. None of the templates I've found are nearly as cute as "Where the Wild Things Are" or "Life In Sonal's Shoes". I need help from my peeps.

Things are settling down at our house (kind of) and I should have a few minutes to devote to "The Bridges' Chatter", finally. I've got lots to catch you guys up on. . . a trip to Rome, the Jay-Z concert, J's new bike and all of Finley's new tricks. She's started running sooner than I thought and loves the treadmill almost as much as me :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lots to do

I just got through looking through Whit, Sonal and Kajal's blogs and realize I got lots to do. I've got to get The Bridges's Chatter in order! It's a mess. I need a new layout, colors, the whole nine yards. Our blog is very last season, maybe even season before last. I have been a slacker. In the next month (gotta give myself enough time due to upcoming travels) there will be lots of change on the chatter. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, here are a few Valentine's Day pictures.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The latest chic

Emily Eloise Herndon arrived on Friday morning at 0751!! How do I know the exact time? I was in the OR! It was such a special time. I tried my best to be a fly on the wall. I didn't want to interfere with David and Whit's special family time. It was so cool though. I've seen lots of c/sections, but it's totally different when it's your baby sister. I'm proud of that hot momma! She did wonderfully. I was amazed by how "chill" she was as we wheeled her around the halls. Here are a few random pics of the latest "(1/2)Carter girl" added to the shopping, traveling and beach-going clique!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Bonnie!
Fin is a dog lover like you. She even wants to share a room with her pup!

Are you serious?

Has it really been since November since I blogged?. . . um, 'tis the season :) I would like to think that I'm superwoman/supermom, but the truth is I am FAR from it. The holidays definitely got the best of me. Lesson learned: Plan way in advance. August is not too early to begin Christmas prep. I greatly apologize for my lack of Bridges's Chatter updates.

On with the latest. . . EMILY ELOISE arrives tomorrow!!! The Herndons, Bridges and Carters are ready, bellies full from a pregame meal at Pablos. Sam cried for tomatoes (his latest fave), Eli spouted funny stuff he has learned at school (from his friends of course) and Finley chowed on rice and salsa(after Daddy J panicked she wasn't eating enough). It was eventful. I still find it hard to believe that I'm Jarrett's calming factor.

Last, but certainly NOT LEAST, today is one of our most favorite people in the world's Birthday!!!!! Bonnie, our precious neighbor across the street that many of you have heard us rave about is celebrating her big day. We are so thankful for her. Happy Birthday Bonnie!!!