Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gotta leave my baby girl?

I can't believe it's here already. I knew I had to finish clinicals for the semester and had even planned on going back last week, but tonight as I think about leaving Finley for a whole eight hours it makes my heart hurt. I know she's going to be more than taken care of, but still. . .
So, tomorrow a.m. I'm back on the floor. I have PCCU clinicals with Mrs. Denton. I hope my brain will be rested enough. I'm hoping for an elderly patient too--maybe they won't mind if I move a little slower. I've got to get my head around med-surg too. It's been a while since I've worked with really sick folks. PEDS and OB have been pretty moderate as far as sickness, not a lot of infectious stuff.
I'm going to add new pictures later too. Beebe snapped a few this afternoon. She wanted to show off her growing grandbaby. Finley is up to 4lb 4oz and she has grown an inch. Her friend Charlie isn't far behind. Charlie is up to 4lb and she's grown 1/4 of an inch. Our girls are truckin' along and will meet the rest of the pack soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting in a Routine

The past week has been so much fun having Finley home. The reality that Court and I parents still hasn't set-in yet. Time is flying by. We have been home for over a week. Finley is 2 wks old tomorrow. We're working on a routine. Court takes care of the 2:30am & 8:30am shifts and I work the 11:30pm & 5:30am shifts.

We (parents) are adjusting to her (Finley) sleeping habits which can be described as pretty inconsistent at this point. We're all about "late night" at 140 Cypress Run. I have discovered a few very interesting TV shows on during 2am to 4am. I was half asleep last night and found myself cramming a brownine down my throat during as I fed Finley. Guess I am on the three hour plan too. I can't wait to see the pay-off for Finley, not so much for her daddy. We have an "official" weigh-in tomorrow morning. We're hoping to bust 4lbs 5 oz. It will be Finley's third trip out of the house. We'll keep you posted on her progress....

We have had numerous visitors too. Dr. Strickland, who delivered Finley, (in the pic above)came by tonight. Finley was so excited. Court had to get a picture with the person who touched Finley first. Doc is also the one who took such good care of Court too. We are truly blessed w/ great friends through our Church.

We've had visitors bring lots of awesome food too(food that Court doesn't always have time to prepare). . . that's a whole new blog though. I'll get back to you on the lasagna, soups, homemade bread, brownies, cookies . . .

Just so y'all know I contributed to this blog too :) That'swhy it may sound girly. Court