Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting Started

Hey Everybody!
Jarrett and I have some big news to share: We're pregnant! Baby Bridges is set to arrive on December 3rd.
We had abandoned our "trying" attempts and decided to go with the flow. We needed some good ol' fun time. So we planned a trip to Chicago for spring break and the rest is history.
Everything is in the early stages. We aren't even 12 weeks yet (8wk). I've got to get through one more week of school too. Then we'll be in all-out baby prep mode. Looking around the stores and listening to other preggers has got me anxious about all the reading I need to do. I hope I can share some of it with Jarrett. At the moment his reading consists of books for dads by dads. I'm not sure if they're giving him a true representation of what's going on inside this bod.
I hate to run, but mom told me about a great crib at the IDAC warehouse. I think I should go check it out.
Chat later!