Monday, June 1, 2009

Going to work with my baby's doctor!

Well in a way at least. Southeast Georgia Health System has offered me a Nurse Tech II position in maternity! I am way, way excited and nervous too. I wasn't sure if I should start off in maternity since it's highly specialized, but I think it's where God is leading me. I hope I'm listening to Him correctly. So, I don't have a date to take my licensure exam, but I have a job!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

More swim time

Okay, everyone in the house is sleeping hard but me. We all napped for about two hours today,but I'm the only one with crazy hormones that keep me up at night when I sleep like that. I don't know what my deal is sometimes. I wanted to post a few pictures from the weekend before resolving to the sofa and Iron Chef America. We all went to Auntie Beth's house for her grandbaby's First Birthday on Saturday. It was so fun to watch mom and dad with the boys. Big Daddy was in the water, full-action mode. It took me back except this time dad was playing with a whole lot more action and splashing! The boys were angels. Eli has grown up so much this year. I love it when he shows me his pool tricks. Sam takes it all in. He's got some Myrtle in him! Finlely just love them both! She shakes and does her signature giggle when she sees them. Oh yeah, notice the picture where dad is "watching" Sam. We've been giving him a hard time for that one!