Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All done

After two tortuous years of studying, clinical and being deprived of time with friends and family I'm done. My nursing school journey wasn't an "I" thing though. I don't like saying "I'm done". So many people were integral in the completion of my degree. I wouldn't be receiving my pin tomorrow night if it were not for their prayer and unrelenting support. I decided to make a list of everyones' contributions. Warning: It's long and in no particular order. I've been jotting notes down throughout the day trying to make sure I remember everyone. This post is subject to change as my mind catches up with my actions!

J-Rat: Like whoa. I totally uprooted any ideas he had about being married to me! During school he turned into our family chef, maid and probably breast feeder had it been possible! He is truly the love of my life, but this journey has been more than love. It's been about being with me in the trenches. He's been my cheerleader and he's kept me from drowning in self-pity. He has Nana's ability to tell you to get off your duff and do something about it without making you mad. It's a gift and it got me through. My favorite quote of his when I was complaining about a test, "If it was easy everyone would do it. "

Mom: During my first semester mom taught me to take it to the Lord. I had been turning to Him for help, but not turning it over to Him. I learned early on that I was going to have to give it all over to Him. The demands of nursing school were out of my control. She told me to get on my knees and that's what I did. Now things didn't dramatically become easy, but God has given me discernment in organizing my time (now if that can carry over to floor work I'll be set !).

Dad: Probably one of the biggest reasons I decided to go back to school. I've watched him enjoy his career as a nurse all my life. All I know to say is he's the "gold standard". I know y'all don't want me to get all mushy on ya!

I'm getting tired and have Fin all day tomorrow as I prep for pinning and dessert for family afterwards at our house. I better go to sleep or I'll be kicking myself! There's way more to come!

Nannie: She has reminded me to always listen to my patients. She has the best ears on the block. Nannie always sits back, relaxes and takes in all the family happenings.

Papaw: When you're on the clock your job is number one, but don't let it keep you from having fun with your co-workers. Papaw officially retired this past year after 27 years of service with the City of Rome. If his knees would let him, he would still be checking those bus stops. I want that kind of endurance. I want his early morning routine to become mine too. . .he used to wake up at 3:45 to get on his treadmill!

Aunt Gail: What a sweet spirit. When I'm tempted to be short with a patient I've got to remember my Aunt Gail's kind and compassionate heart. She was not able to complete nursing school so I've got to carry her spirit with me to work.

Whit & the crew: No matter what the shift brings, have fun doing it. See each day as a chance for adventure!

Amanda: Take time and heed God's wisdom. Pray for billboards and expect an answer. I have to remember that as I care for each patient I'm not alone. God is guiding my actions and will aid my critical thinking skills.

Sonal: Always look the part! Hence my $350 MBTs that I was told I could wear last summer, but his fall was told they didn't fit the school dress code. That one stripe of grey--jeez.

Sarah: Don't be afraid to take on a hefty project (patient), work like crazy and then take a good nap!

Katie & Sim Bridges: Savor the delish meals Jarrett prepares on work days.

Grandmother: Pamper your co-workers. It may be my day off, but I can run treats to the floor.

Uncle Robert: Stay dedicated. I can't short-cut the nursing practices I've been taught. I have to stick with it even if the day is long.

Seery: Scrubs are for the hospital only. On days off I have to break out my Mel&Mimi wardrobe!

Melanie & Mimi, Uncle Eddie: Never underestimate the love of family. Advocate for my patients and their families. Find ways for families to be involved in their loved one's care and remember that the family may need care too.

Mr. Dave & Ms. Judy: Enjoy time off. Hop in the car with Jarrett & Fin and head somewhere for fun!

Kris, Lauren & Beth: Let patients reminisce. I miss my Rome girls all the time. I have to remember there are people my patients miss too. Sometimes the best medicine is the laughter stories of loved ones brings.

And finally, my precious Finley: Expect the unexpected and know it's God's divine plan. I am His child with the awesome blessing of caring for His children. Sometimes patient's won't have a voice. I have to be their advocate.