Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Girls Do Chores

And they like it! Jarrett and I discovered yesterday that Finley loves to be in the Baby Bjorn and help with chores. In the past we'd take turns playing with her or find a distraction, but now she's along for the ride. Her favorite work includes activities around mirrors, but she digs the yard too. She LOVES taking Fergie out (This is working to Ferg's advantage because in the past I hated stopping progress to take her out. I'm terrible). Basically Finley is like her mom and dad, a busy body. Thank goodness we've found a way to occupy baby girl.
How could I forget? My stent as a stay-at-home mom is coming to an end. I spent four hours at the hospital today for pre-employee processing. I was told it would take two hours. Poor mom was in limbo. Thank goodness she's so kind and understanding. The next hurdle is the nursing transition program. I've been told to have child care from 7a-7p for like two weeks. Wow.