Thursday, October 9, 2008

Title Town Bound

Jarrett and I are so excited! I hope we can sleep tonight. Tomorrow we head to Valdosta, AKA ESPN's "Title Town", to celebrate the anticipation of our new addition. Some of our precious girlfriends are throwing a shower Saturday morning at Covington's and then Jarrett's parents are having ALL the family over for a cookout that night (and to cheer on the Dawgs who will hopefully have their act together this weekend). It will be a packed weekend. It's not quite as packed as we'd like it to be though. Unfortunately we won't make it in time for THE Valdosta High-Lowndes football game. I've heard it's like GA-FL. Maybe next year we can take little man/woman, in a Valdosta uniform of course!
I'm especially excited because mom, dad and Eli get to come. Poor Baby Sam has been in the hospital with pneumonia. Whit and Dave are staying behind to nurse him back to health and hold down the fort on Albany Street! They've got some crazy animals to tend to :)
I'm excited too because tomorrow is my last day of PEDs clinical! Not that I don't like PEDS. Debbie Walker has been an awesome teacher, but it's way hard to assess active baby bodies. Their continuous movement causes me to worry that I'm going to miss something. It's a skill I might like to perfect. . . we'll see how PCCU goes at the end of the semester. I'm not sure where I'll land come May. Okay, I'm putting the cart way before the horse. I better go iron my uni.