Friday, October 17, 2008

This weekend in BWK

I should be studying, so this is brief, but Jarrett is way too sweet to have gotten on the "chatter" last night. I'm not that fond of the pic. . .what's up with those legs? And I just look really fat, not pregnant. Maybe I should have specified that with the photographer. You just don't think when the paps are following you! J/K! We're getting ready for Brunswick Stewbilee '09! It all starts tonight with KC & The Sunshine Band. Jarrett is a bouncer tonight at the VIP tent--lookout. .. and he's a stew judge tomorrow. Whatta man. The rest of us are cookin' stew and hoping to place again in Peoples' Choice. We got robbed last year. The Chapel's booth theme is Sunday Morning Fever. I'll be sure to post pictures. We've got crazy costumes planned. Whit and Beth Lane took it to the next level--afro wigs and tuxedo T-Shirts, blinking glasses and mirror ball necklaces. By the way, that baby in that box over there is looking kind of big. . . ewww. . . maybe I will do the epidural thing.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Virgin Voyage

This blog is officially split with the other half of the Bridges crew. I have been holding out, saving my new found knowledge, and now I'm ready to "drop it" on the blog world. Yeah right. I'm still in the process of computing how amazing or scary it will be to have a little Bridges running around the house. Oh yeah, Baby B is probably going to carry Daddy J's hyperactivity--apparrent by the wearing out of Mama-C-ta's belly on a daily basis of belly aerobics!

Oh yeah, Court was in the Georgia Times Union today getting her study on. Welcome to my world--a usual activity in our house. Her pic is at the top! She is so AMAZING!