Monday, July 21, 2008


The past few days have been interesting. I woke up Saturday with the dry heaves and upset stomach. . . flashback to first trimester and then some. Things got better, but the uncomfortable feelings have stayed around. I was highly concerned until we saw doc today. It was what I thought--growing pains--gotta deal with it. I can't bend over much and I have to go to the bathroom almost immediately after drinking. It's terrible on days I work. I switch visits between the nursery toilet and lounge toilet! Hopefully folks don't notice :) The hospital might want to doc my pay! Nah, they're gettin' really good use out of me these days. The maternity center will work you like there's no tomorrow. I'm enjoying it though. I've seen all kinds of mommas and babies. And no worries. I'm not extra-frightened by childbirth now. Every labor I take part in is completely different.
So, if I'm experiencing growing pains you can imagine that the belly has popped out. It's so fun, but some days I feel kind of blah. Jarrett to the rescue! During the most recent "blah" experience he offered (in one of his made up voices and facial expressions) to kiss and lick all over the belly if it would make me feel better. . . I took a rain check, bless his heart :) He's always ready with a remedy. This will come in super-handy when Baby B arrives! I have seen husbands worn out at the hospital after taking care of their wives. Not my Jarrett. He has a never-ending energy supply as long as "his metabolism doesn't get too fast". We'll be sure and keep him fed!
Other than that it seems like the summer is coming to an end. I can't believe it. School starts back in less than a month. It's sad. I've enjoyed being pregnant throughout these warm, beachy days. I'll miss it next year.