Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finley's Moved In Our Room

Another day of accomplishments as she has been in our room since 9am. I had to travel to Nana's funeral which was in Lakeland today, so Court was by herself. I guess I haven't really dealt w/ Nana's passing until today with all that went on this past week. My Grandmother had a huge impact in my life and was so excited about the birth of Finley. She passed away 12 minutes after Court and I checked into the hospital on Tuesday of last week. It is as if she wanted to make sure we started our new journey before she left this world. One amazing spirit leaves this world for heaven and a new beginning started here on earth.

Court is doing so well as a mother. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her take care of Finley and love on her. Finley is chilling right by our side and we had to remove her GA gear after the bad game today. Let's just say Finley slept during most of the game, she seemed to be bored with the way UGA played. She wasn't the only one.

We are getting some rest tonight as we expect a lot of visitors tomorrow. Some pics of the day are above.

Daddy J

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween at the Hospital

Halloween has been experienced at the hospital. First of all Finley's friend, Charlie gave her a pumpkin hat stitched by her grandma. Second, we had some surprise trick or treaters-Eli and Sam.

Finley has a a good day so far and has passed her tests today with flying colors. She was able to take milk from Court and also from the bottle. Praise God! This will allow her to start putting on some LB'S which will help us get her home. Dr. Al Jabi said that Finley will actually decide on when we can go home. If she continues to grow stronger and eat well, we may be home by Monday.

Halloween Treats

Finley had her first taste of food, "treats", today! She took 11cc of colostrum. It looked like some rich stuff. . .I guess it was all of my frozen yogurt or maybe grilled chicken? That has been momma C's diet for a while now. Whatever it was she devoured it. The first 5cc were gone in seconds! We're going back for round two at 1:30.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is more than I imagined

I never imagined feeling so much love and joy in my heart. The past two days have been amazing for me. I don't mean that in a selfish way. I say it out of thanksgiving. I have been overwhelmed by the love God has shown me and my family through others. It all began Wednesday morning in the OR as we preppred for my C-Section. ALL of the staff in the OR that morning was so kind. I was so afraid, but God comforted me through them. I didn't expect to have that much fear. Thankfully Dr. Strickland, Heather Mitchell, Corbitt, Vickie and several others were there to be used as angels to help me through. And I hope I'm not blowing his cover, Dr. Strickland is a big joker, but don't let that fool ya! I truly believe that God sent him to give me peace. I'll never forget him helping me through the spinal and bringing me warm blankets.
After all the prep I look over and there is my "Precious J-Rat". He looked so "McDreamy"! The blue scrubs, face mask and cap set off those handsome blue eyes. We were all there ready for Baby B.
Now two days have passed and I still feel overwhelmed. I never imagined that I could love a child so much or love my husband more. They are both such precious gifts.

Holding It Together

Tonight was a time when Court and I could both hold Finley. She has been off the oxygen treatments since 5pm and holding her own. It is amazing to be holding her thinking she is just two days old. I can't believe her sweet face, small hands, and little feet.

Our next goal will be for her to feed without the IV. She has been on an IV since she entered the world and we should start to feed her sometime around lunch. The main task will be if she can suck, swallow, and breathe at the same time. Updated Pics above.

Daddy J

Finley's Progress Notes

Finley had another milestone last night as she had her first BM. Court was still confined to a wheel chair so I proceeded to change the dirty diaper. It was a fun experience as I probably spread more stuff than over her bottom than she wanted.

Also, she is progressing and getting stronger each day. She has started a pacifier today and doing well. She should be off her oxygen treatments today at 4pm. Below are some updated pics

OH YEAH! Moma C Ta (Court) is doing awesome too. She has been able to spend some quality time with Finley and she already has that special touch that mother's have. Finley just calms down and is so comforted when Court touches her. I am so proud of Court and feel so lucky w/ these two beautiful women. Totally Blessed!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finley's Getting Her Oxygen On!!!!!

Finley is doing great in the nursery. She is getting some oxygen and has already made 3 friends. It seems the nursery has 4 lovely ladies that are all premies. Finley's first friend in this world is Charlie (born last Monday at 2.5 lbs). I keep waiting on them to start the movie of Sex and The City and conduct some quality girl talk. We'll keep you posted and have some more pics later. Oh Yeah, Finley has a full head of Black curly hair and a solid tan.

Until Later
Daddy J

Finley Grace Bridges

Finley arrived this morning at 7:51am and weighed 3lbs 11oz and was 17 inches long. She is doing amazing and is in the nursery until tonight. Court was absolutely awesome through this whole process. Her strength is incredible!!! She is recovering in her room and doing great after the C Section.

We want to thank everyone who has been praying for us. God is so good and He has blessed us so much. Here are some pictures

We've Changed Plans!!!

Change of plans, We are now having a C-Section in about an hour which will be at 7:30am. Dr. Strickland decided this would be a better move as Court's contractions weren't progressing. I'll update everyone later.

Daddy J

Through the Night

Court has made it through the night and we expect the arrival of Baby B sometime between 10am and 1pm. She was able to get a little sleep and some really awesome quality time with her mother. BeBe was on the monitor watch througout most of the night. We are so excited about this time. I'll keep you posted on the happenings here in the hospital.
Daddy J