Wednesday, May 7, 2008


By the title you might think this blog is headed down the path of pregnancy "woes"--nausea, weight gain, food aversions. Sure they can be overwhelming, but right now I'm totally overwhelmed by the precious love of friends. It's amazing and touches my heart so deeply. I've had two friends tell me they have been praying for God to bless us with a child. Wow. I had no idea. It's just overwhelming. . .they love Jarrett and me that much to pray for us? I may be hormonal, but the hormones have nothing to do with these tears of thanksgiving.

Monday, May 5, 2008

This is so fun

Jarrett and I are having so much fun and it's not even about us! This little butter bean in my tummy is already bringing us unimaginable joy. We had so much fun gettin' the word out this weekend. It's been cool to see peoples' reactions. Some reactions are just too funny. For example: Kim Hanson, I told her that we had quit doing everything (yep, we had done cloumid and IUIs). She replied, "Well, you didn't quit doing everything." What a nut! She has such a quick wit.
We went to USA Baby on Saturday and found out furniture--totally didn't expect that. We got advice from our parents to make sure we weren't being too hyper about the situation. I'm going to attach pictures. We got floor models in perfect condition for half of the price. I LOVE it! I think Baby B does too :)!
Big thanks go out to mom and dad for helping us haul it from J'ville. And big thanks to Keith Purser for letting us use his truck. Without there help Jarrett and I would have been up a creek.
Other great news this weekend. . . my dear friend Sarah Robbins is engaged to John Scott Husser!!! How exciting. What a special first wedding for Baby B!
Better run. No school = Lots of chore and errands!