Thursday, October 29, 2009

She likes it!

The DQ on SSI didn't know what they had coming when drove up today :) It was an eventful thirty minutes. I loved every moment. Sam and Finley both had "red" ice cream (that's what he calls strawberry). Eli had a big guy treat-- M&M Blizzard. He couldn't even spare a bite for his mom and Emily. He is a growing boy, jeez Aunt C! As usual Eli entertained Finley and Sam. He's such a good big brother & cousin. I love hearing him call Finley "Finley Girl". It's precious-- gotta get that on video. Whit and I attempted a group shot, but we've got movers and shakers for children. See below.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

God is so good!

I've done the facebook post. . . now I've got to get a little mushy. One year ago tonight Jarrett, mom, dad and I were anxiously waiting for "Baby B" to arrive. It was one of the most uncomfortable and longest nights of my life, but worth every minute. One year later I wouldn't trade it for a million. Our family continues to thank God for His blessings and grace.

Finley has caught up to "average" regarding height and weight. She grows more chatty by the day and loves books! She is my and Jarrett's heart.
Stay tuned for pictures from tomorrow's outing with Eli and Sam--ice cream in the village! It'll be Finley's first frozen treat. I hope she likes it as much as Papa D and me!