Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's an "F"

Oh yeah. . .almost forgot. . . Jarrett and I have decided on baby names. It's crazy, but both the boy and girl name begin with an "F". Everyone knows we love the name Fisher for a little man, but our gal's name is a surprise! Can't wait to share!


I can't believe Savannah OB clinical is over, done. It went by so fast. I'm less than two weeks from midterm. That is pretty unreal to think about. It still feels like we've got a long way to go though. I mean Baby B will be here when the semester is finished. Isn't that sooo far away? It's actually not. Scarey! I gotta get crackin' on the nursery. I've put it off until after our first test--this Monday. Thank goodness Jarrett is bearing with me. If was in charge of the nursery decor it would have been done in August. He's that efficient and such a good time manager. He knows how to take measurements too. Part of the delay is due to my poor measuring skills. . . the blinds are two inches too big for the windows :) oops!
I've got to find a way to link Sonal and Whit's blogs to mine. They are wonderful and you all would so enjoy them. I'll get it figured out one day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Savannah days

I feel terrible that I haven't been able to write in so long. It's been nutty around here. Clinical started three weeks ago and mom and I started our Savannah Adventures. It's been so great, but Thursday mornings have been so early. We're outta here by 5 a.m. I've never been up so early in my life! Mom has has been so kind to me. Last week was especially fun because we got to spend the night :) I got great "mom" time. I think dad is probably glad this is our last week for Savannah trekkin'. Mom always comes back with shopping bags in tow! The first week it was only a cupcake cookbook. This week she's going down town. . . where the boutiques are--LOOKOUT!
I'm kind of bummed that it's my last week in Savannah. Memorial has been a remarkable hospital to work in. My clinical instructor, Julie Starling, she's fabulous too. She does at least two medical missions a year. I hope to stay in touch with her. I would say that I hope to work at Memorial, but I don't know abuot the commute thing. It would be very difficult especially with Baby B. We'll see. I'm greatful the experience I've had.