Friday, November 7, 2008

Buddy Charlie

Finley's friend Charlie has moved out of the isolet and is up to 3lb 10oz!!! We're so excited!!!!! Keep those prayers coming for her too. Let's keep these girls growing like weeds!

Packing on the pounds!

We visited Dr. Aljabi for the second time today and at weight Finley was 4lbs!!! She's moving on up. We're hoping for five pounds by this Friday. I think she can do it. She's been guzzling milk every three hours, unless she's asleep. Shut-eye feedings take a bit longer.
Let's see. . .what else has been going on. Daddy J is loving being a dad. He can turn any hip hop song into a ballad about Finley. It's a riot! Finley loves it. She'll probably grow up to be an MC :)
Mom has been SUCH an incredible help too. If it weren't for her our house would look like a hurricane hit. She's got the bottle cleaning, laundry and so many other things organized and systematized--wow.
I'm a little worn at the moment. My writing could get boring. . .I'll write more later. I've got to write about Hispanic childbearing practices too. School is still happening! My professors are going to present a plan for finishing clinical on Monday. I'm leaving it to the Lord. I think I'll be able to graduate with my girls. Speaking of, they have all been angels. Hailey Bailey has printed and printed for me and been a chauffeur. Finely's birth has revealed to Jarrett and me how truly blessed we are to have such kind, loyal friends.
Okay, so I really better go. Check out the new pics!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting Ready For 1st Doc Visit

Finley has her first doctor appointment tomorrow with Dr. Al Jabi. We are looking forward to weighing her and seeing if she has gained any oz's. Courtney and BeBe worked extremely hard today getting our house in order. It was awesome to come home from work and have the house in order. We are also enjoying putting clothes on Finley. Her wardrobe is growing daily. Tonight, our neighbors, Bonnie and Coop dropped by a gift of some premie clothes that were great. Our neighbors will soon see a little girl running through our yard...can't wait.

I have attached some pictures of our trip home and some shots of Finley sporting some new outfits. Court is shopping for her some pink high heels. Man... I am in trouble.

Finley's Home

Finley and family were released yesterday at 5pm. Court and I are so excited to be able to move out of the hospital and sleep in our own bed. Finley is doing great and slept well last night. She has a doctors appt. on Wednesday and Friday and I think this will be the norm for the next month.

The big breakthrough yesterday was that she was finally able to put clothes on. Court dressed her up for her trip into the world. I'm sure she'll post some pictures later today. I am so proud of my two ladies. They are amazing!!!!!!