Monday, August 16, 2010

Toddlerhood Has Hit Cypress Run

These days Finley loves everything: my sunglasses, Jarrett's shoes, her cousin's race cars, Livie's late night parties, Beebe's new "puh-pay", "DoRA", calling Big Daddy "Miiiike", belly-flopping on Jack, turning on water faucets, throwing dinner and begging for popsicles, swinging from the highchair, going stiff as a board when it's time to sit in the shopping cart, begging for treats in the dollar section at Target, running around the house in her hooded towel, coloring, moving to two-year-olds in Sunday School, giving hugs, showering rather than bathing, anything Chic-fil-A, books before bedtime (she actually sits still for them), sleep sacs and pacifiers (yep, still), Sprite at dinner out, brushing her teeth, Usher & Jason DeRulo, cruising in the Cozy Coupe, swimming with Bella, Charlie and Livie. . .and I'm sure there's more, but we'll save that for the next post :)