Thursday, February 26, 2009

School is kicking our tails

It's been way busy at 140 Cypress Run. Jarrett and I are trying to keep our heads above water and make it through the last eight weeks of school. I never imagined cramming so much into so little time--glad I didn't sign up for med school. I have one more precepting shift and then it 's back to clinical. One more test until spring break too. We are sooo looking forward to the break. . .and our big trip to Rome. It will be Finley's first trip to North GA and on a plane to top that! Jarrett and I can't wait--mom too. I think mom might be most excited. Rome is "Home Sweet Rome" to her! We've kept her close to B-wick for a while now. A biggie on our trip--Finley's Four Month Birthday Party courtesy of Melanie and Mimi!!!!! I'll get details to you as soon as we get back.