Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Full of Action

It was a weekend full of action at the Bridges Household. First of all, I (daddy J) kept Finley all by myself Friday. I was in a cycle during the day...wake Finley up, feed her, change her diaper, put her back down, and process started again. We had some quality time watching Sports Center and the Foodnetwork. The day flew by and Court was home before we knew it. It was great to have Court home, but I wish the day had passed a little slower.

Saturday, JuJu and Papa D came for a visit. It was so awesome to see my parents holding and spending time with Finley. I can't believe they're grandparents--oh yeah, that means I'm a parent. We had a great day hanging out and watching football. The girls (minus Finley) were able to get a dose of shopping/errands in. Did I mention I'm in trouble when Finley and Court can go on shopping trips? Does anyone need any insurance????

Finley continues to grow and Court is such a wonderful mom. She handles Finley in a way that makes me so proud! Proud she is my wife, proud she is a mother, and proud she is my best friend.

Next up: Weighing in at Dr. Aljabi's on Wednesday. We want 5lbs!!!!!!!!