Friday, May 2, 2008

The news is out!

We went to see Doc today and everything was cool. Finally Jarrett and I get to do what we do best: Open our big mouths and tell the world we're pregnant! It has been so much fun. I was so excited to share with Kim Landers. She is a dear, dear friend from church who has been with me on this journey since way before we officially started "trying". Here's something she wrote a few weeks ago. I was aching to tell her then. "How are your spirits? I’m just checking on you. I continue to pray for God’s amazing plan to take place in your life and for His peace to infuse your body. Just think, with each passing day you are one day closer to becoming a mom. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart!" Wow. Those are some pretty amazing words. It was such a comfort to know that even though she hadn't a clue there was a baby growing inside this bod she was already praying for him or her!
I hate to run, but Jarrett has started Alvin & The Chipmunks. I'll have to tell you about Kim Hanson's response tomorrow. I love my girl's realness. She has such a wit!
We're off to Baby USA tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The "perfect" crib

Yesss! My first year of nursing school is over! I am so thankful and trying to enjoy the accomplishment. Unfortunately our instructors waste no time preparing us for next year. As we left the exam today we got a letter about second year and how demanding it will be. Jeez. I wanted to be a normal person for just twenty four hours. Not a ranting, anxious nursing student. Poor Jarrett can't catch a break.
And these days if it's not school that keeps my skin crawling, it's crazy pregnancy hormones. Really. I knew I was going to be more emotional, but not to the point that I want to throw things. No worries. I don't throw things at Jarrett or the animals! It's just that some mornings my hair won't do what it's supposed to and it feels good to throw the brush on the bed or maybe a clip at the dashboard. I just get so frustrated (never should have cut my hair).
Another thing I've discovered, the baby industry is similar to the wedding industry. They play on your emotions and the fact that it's such an amazing milestone. . . then they charge you double or triple for that "perfect" crib. I've gotten way consumed with the "perfect crib". I know Whitney and mom want to slap some since into me (with love of course!). But that $1400 poster crib from KooKoo Bear Kids is just gorgeous and doesn't Baby B deserve the best? I'm being silly. Maybe it wouldn't be silly if I currently had a salary, but the last I checked students don't get paid! I'm just hoping I get a tax stimulus check. I'm all about stimulating the economy!
I gotta go bake something. Or maybe clean. Jarrett would probably like for me to fold the three baskets of laundry in the den, but not motivated for that. Holla later!