Saturday, December 27, 2008

Didn't work out . . .

Ok, so The Twelve Days of Finley was a neat idea, but on day eight our true love gave to us: colick. It's been a challenge, but Dr. Aljabi and The Happiest Baby on the Block have been lifesavers, grandparents too. I think Jarrett and I have it somewhat figured out or at least we're learning how to handle our poor baby girl's cries. It's all about making her think she's still in the womb. And parents, be careful whose advice you take to heart. . .in the fourth trimester you don't have to let your baby cry. This is my advice to the world--HOLLA.
Jarrett and I working on new pictures. There have been lots over the past few days. They'll be up soon!
Oh yeah-- best Christmas treat ever--Olivia and Finley finally got to meet!