Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Playing dress up

School has truly started. It's been classwork only until today. Today we got our preceptor assignment. I'm bummed because I had hoped to work with my friend Haley Allen, but the powers that be didn't approve it. Haley is an excellent nurse--so passionate--she's one of the reasons why I'm in school. On a positive note all of my friends who have worked on Five Medical say my preceptor is fabulous. I'm getting pretty excited! Jarrett and I are hoping I get to start this weekend. It's going to be way interesting at 140 Cypress. Mr.Dave and Miss Judy will be here for the first twelve hour shift. Jarrett will have great help.
Finley has already started playing dress up. . . with her dad! Check out the pics from tonight's fashion show. You know she loves her animal prints :)