Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Few Turkey Day Pictures!

Today has been quite eventful. Finley has slept about an hour and a half since 4:30. We wanted to get a few pictures up for our precious family in Rome. We miss so much! Love you all lots!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It should be happening tomorrow

It's so wild to think that about two months ago we talked with Dr. Strickland about having Finley, then Baby B, tomorrow. I'm so glad she's already here! Nursing school madness has escalated since Finley was born and I can't imagine giving birth during this end of the semester madness. We only have two more official days of class and our instructors are laying it on thick. This doesn't include group projects and vision screening. I'm thankful we have time at home this Thanksgiving instead of traveling. We have a test Monday--can you believe it? I'm still taking time out for Black Friday though! It just wouldn't be American and what kind of example would I be setting for Finley:)? JuJu and Beebe wouldn't allow it. . .and I can't even imagine what Sonal say? Speaking of, I have to get a picture up of her first pair of shoes. Sarah sent them. . .they're precious!
I think I've rambled, so sorry. I've been reading-up on the endocrine system--highly entertaining. I better finish for tomorrow's class.
By the way--I am bathing. I look really greasy in the picture below, but I just got through walking:) Precious Daddy J didn't think I was getting enough face time. He deserves all the face time right now though. . .my school has forced him into the role of Mr. Mom. He's all about changing diapers. I've told him he's so bowel fixated that he should think about nursing! Just kidding.

Updated Pics of Finley

The Bridges Family has been hiding out. It's time to get some updated pics of Finley out there. She is doing great (weighing 4lbs 8oz) and is weighing in tomorrow at Dr. Al Jabi's. We have had a blast hanging out with her at the house. She will probably not be able to go out until 2009, so this special time has allowed Court and I to really bond w/ Finley. She is truly amazing and so is my Baby's Mama!!!!! Court is such a great Moma C Ta and you can tell Finley adores her!

Daddy J