Monday, July 7, 2008

Getting Organized

Jarrett and I went to register at Babies R Us yesterday and it was quite an experience! There is so much stuff for something so little. it was nice to get organized though. In the past I didn't know where to start. Feeding is a maze on it's own--formula, breast milk, BPA-free, nipple levels, cleaners, warmers, storage bags. . .it goes on and on. Babies R Us helped me get my stuff together isle by isle! Thank goodness! If we don't get a single gift from our registery--no worries--it helped Jarrett and me get our heads around all those crazy baby products.
The biggest dilema we faced yesterday was the choosing the stroller. Jeez. There are about twenty-katrillion brands and each brand has about a trillion models. You can't just buy stroller. They all have different traits and features. You have to get a stroller for your lifestyle--hire me for marketing :) We finally decided on a Bumbleride. It's a little more than I would like to spend, but my gut just didn't feel good about the others. Afterall, it is our child's first set of wheels.
My belly is finally starting to pop too--thank goodness. Poor Jarrett was having to convince people daily that we are having a baby in December. The best view is from the side. I got some sway back startin' to kick and everything :)
Eli has chosen yet another name for the baby in Aunt C's belly. It's now Snuffy. It was Herky. We're not quite sure where these names are coming from. One of my patients believes Herky is from a Hercules cartoon. Maybe Eli will let us in on his source one day :) He might be able to get a baby naming gig in Hollywood!
I'm a little bummed at the moment because my nurse tech rotation in CCU is over. It was an awesome experience. I would love, love, love to work there one day. Twelve hour shifts are totally starting to grow on me. Tomorrow I head to Labor & Delivery. It's going to be a nice headstart on next semester's material, but will have an added element of fear for me. I'm not much of a researcher when it comes to the pain involved with medical procedures. I guess I've always thought what I don't know won't hurt me. I didn't ask about the pain of a root canal, mole extraction or IUI. I just got in the chair and did it. I had no experience and didn't want to know about friends' experiences. I hope that witnessing childbirth won't spur the creation of even more painful thoughts.