Monday, August 24, 2009


Wow. I can't believe I haven't posted since July 15th. I've been meaning to, but guess what? I started working again (after two years off). I have a new respect for working moms, especially single working moms. Me being back at the hospital has rocked the Bridges' world. Jarrett and I truly pass out on the sofa around 9:00 each night. If I don't go to sleep early, I pay for it the following morning. It's not easy getting up at 5:00 a.m. Tomorrow 5:00 a.m. will bring new excitement for me though. It's my first day on the Miriam & Hugh Nunally Maternity Center floor. The hospital asks that we please call the center by its full name because if we donated a million dollars we would want our name repeated as well (including every time we answer the phone). I'm trying to learn to get it out in one breath. Anyway, I don't have my own patients for quite some time. Tomorrow is strictly observation. I still have several weeks to complete in the transition program too. After that Mrs. Luff has designed a new education program for us. It's slated to last around seven months. Basically I feel like I'm in school again, but it's really wonderful. I'm getting priceless training. I'm thankful they aren't throwing me to the floor! I'll keep you posted on how things go (no more month long blog breaks).

What else has been happening around here? Humm. Traveling to spend time with Papa D & Juju, Emily & Butler's wedding, Lauren & Michael's wedding, Valdosta Friends Reunion, the NCLEX in Jacksonville, Livie's First Birthday and this weekend one last summer trip to Rome. Our calendar has been full since July 15th. Throw J's travels and me going back to work in the mix. Jeez. No wonder it's almost September. It makes me realize how important it is to savor every moment (especially the ones with my girl Fin).

It was a brief, but really fun trip to Rome this weekend. We got to spend time with the fam and celebrated Sam's 2nd Birthday. It was lots of fun. Finley had several firsts too--1st elevator ride, first ride in a grocery cart, first McDonald's French Fry!

I'm going to try and post as many pictures as I can. I hope you guys don't get bored!

Holla later.