Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't have long

It's been a doozie of a day. Finley has added rice cereal to her diet, we're spacing her meal times further apart and she DOES NOT dig Darien, GA. We made it all of thirty minutes at Blessing of the Fleet today. It was horrible. So, I don't have long to blog tonight. I have a bunch of clinical paper work to finish and a shock module. I'm not digging shock. It's frightening how the body can shut down. Any way, here a few new shots of our girl! And precious Eli! I need to get some pics of Baby Sam. He's outta the hospital and lovin' Eli's speed racer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Can you make a countdown go faster?

Only two more tests to go and they can't get here fast enough. The Bridges' Household is over being over nursing school. Jarrett and I don't want to wish away time with Finley, but if we could make the countdown to my nursing pinning faster we would. All of the reading, case studies, journals, care maps, clinicals, tests and med sheets are getting the best of us. It seems never-ending, but Hailey Bailey sends me random texts reminding of how many days are left. I think we're down to 43!

In the spare moments Jarrett and I have been able to snap a few pics of our girl. She's growing so fast. Her last RSV shot is tomorrow and she doesn't see Dr. Aljabi again until May. I think she's missing Aljabi. . . Sam and Eli have seen him quite frequently over the past few weeks (bless their hearts) and Jarrett and I saw him at the bridge run on Saturday. He's going to be proud of Miss Fin and her poundage when he does see her in May.
Daddy J loves waking Finley up in the morning. Here are a few pics. There's one of her in her first tennis shoes too (courtesy of Olivia!)!