Friday, August 27, 2010

All in Nine Months Work

The Bridges are on the countdown to Baby Holt #2's Arrival! It feels like Amanda's pregnancy has flown by. . .crazy thing is she thinks so too! I think it's our life as moms' of two year-olds. Our girls make time tick faster. During the last nine months Livie and Finley have been to Disney World, taken their first round of swim lessons and enrolled in play school. Livie alone has been a flower girl, trained the potty :) and moved into her big girl room. And there are so many other things that have escaped my mind. Oh, Livie has been tubing too! This doesn't include all that Amanda has been up to: Photo shoots, marketing, Chapel stuff, etc. Livie and her are quite the dynamic duo! (We know Jarrod keeps his motor running too--can't leave dad out!)
I'm personally excited about Amanda being so close to delivery because I get a pedicure tomorrow, the first one since we were prepping for Livie! Lots to do in the next ten days. Be on the look out for pics and posts. Aunt C has got lots to do for Baby Holt #2!


introducing islam series said...

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Blossom said...

your blog is very sincere and kind, makes me smile. Thank you for this =)