Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thoughts from the last 48

I have been pretty much confined to the walls of 140 Cypress Run the past two days. Wow. The coral walls get to you fast, thank goodness they're not yellow. Finley is experiencing her first-ever ear infection. Bless her heart, she's pitiful. We've been up together for a couple of hours during the night. She'll sleep with me on the sofa for about an hour and then my busty-self is just too much cushion for her(ha, ha). Another thank goodness that she loves her bed.
Her infection has sparked my enthusiasm for meticulous hygiene and the need to up-the-anty as cold and flu season approach. Jarrett is tired of me asking him to wash his hands and I'm sure Jack and Fergie do not appreciate me shooing Finley from them (you know cats and dogs harbor strep and there is much more to strep infections than the throat--just an FYI).
I'm starting to work on the gal's BDay plans too. Nothing big this year, but still a theme, probably Dora the Explorer. After all of the Dora we've watched since Finley's been sick I should be able to recreate Dora's likeness as a cake in "Cake Boss" fashion. We'll see. Of course I've already recruited Mom and Whit (my two little Marthas) for help.

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